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Location: Cairo, Egypt Client: Ministry of state for urban renewal and informal settlements, Cairo Governorate Plot Size: 354,099.9 sq.m Total Built Up Area: 1,172,120 sq.m Construction Cost: 441,914,790 USD Services Provided: Master Planning Urban Design, Architectural Design Starting Date: 2015
Project Description:

2015 - The Maspero Triangle, located at heart of Cairo is set to become a thriving landmark development for Cairo and all of Egypt. The 87.5 Fadden urban triangle is strategically located at the southern edge of Boulaq with close links to the Central Business District at Khedive Down Town and the Heritage Boulaq Area.
The design adopts the main city elements (mud towers, minarets, agriculture and informal settlements) to envision a set of challenges rooted in the functional level of the urban realm and focuses on creating a pedestrian friendly environment. The Open Space and Public Realm design concept forms a green back bone that cuts through the site forming a green spine running parallel to the river Nile connecting south to north ends. The development shall foresee a pedestrian-friendly and sustainable environment within a welcoming public realm that is inherently connected both functionally and visually.



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