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Ministry of Hajj

Client: Ministry of Hajj Location: Mecca - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: A/E Design and Supervision Total Built-up Area: 102,000 m² Construction Cost: US $ 125,000,000 Starting Date: 2004 Design - 2009 Supervision Completion Date: 2006 Design - 2015 Supervision Project Description: 2004 - The design of the Ministry of Hajj presents a distinctive architectural vision for visitors to Mecca, where it represents the authenticity of the architecture through inspirations from elements of the local architecture and its traditional neighborhoods in terms of high-rise buildings with an internal courtyard in the center of the building, in addition to that emulates the contemporary models, such as those found in Mina and the Haj airport.. This project is the first governmental institution outside the capital, Riyadh, where the ministry consists of eight floors, two of which are underground, and which consists of sections of the ministry, a large ballroom and a training center. And the visitors are communicated through an open courtyard dedicated for them.



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