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National Bank Of Kuwait

NATIONAL BANK OF KUWAIT Client: National Bank of Kuwait Location: Amman - Jordan Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 800 m2 Construction Cost: US$ 860,000 Starting Date: 2003 Design - 2003 Supervision Completion Date: 2003 Design - 2004 Supervision Project Description: 2003 - Throughout a creative and innovative design process, this building was transformed from a 35-year-old weak structure building into a contemporary bank building that represented an artistic work which can be considered as a landmark in Shmesani commercial district in Amman. The exterior walls of the new design provided an envelope for the existing old building. Various types of material with different colors accommodated the function and character of this new building, which was achieved by using glass, aluminum, stone, and marble, reflecting transparency, charm and strength. New structural elements added strength and beauty to the building. The interior works were designed to ensure efficiency in addition to physical and visual contact between ground and first floor, which eventually added functional and aesthetic elements to the building as a whole.



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