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National Museum

Royal Commission for Riyadh City
National Museum of Saudi Arabia
102,258 sq. ft.
Services Provided:
Eastern Park Landscape Design, Exhibit Design Development, Graphic Design, Interpretive Signage Design
Riyadh, KSA
Year Completed
Affiliation: Reich & Pitch

2020 - Won through an international design competition, the National Museum is a cultural landmark that is the centerpiece of tourism in the region. The Development of the National Museum included the development of exhibition halls and the development of the public site within a specific scope of work.

The scope of the project included:

• Maintaining and developing the museum’s story
• Preserving as much as possible the green areas on site
• The museum’s current construction is not obscured
• Attracting visitors to the museum instead of using it as a passage between the gardens
• Attracting investments to the site
• Operating the external and added spaces outside the museum opening hours
• Integration of the site with current and future surroundings
• Reusing unused spaces in the museum building

In addition to designing exhibits throughout the museum, R&P completed a comprehensive wayfinding system for the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. Designed to guide visitors through the museum complex in a historically symbolic manner, the wayfinding and environmental graphic program incorporates cultural motifs, calligraphy, and bilingual messages.



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