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National Museum Eastern Park

CLIENT: Ministry of Tourism
Area: 50,000 sq. m.
SCOPE: Landscape Design of the Eastern Park LOCATION: Riyadh, KSA
Starting Date: 2018
Completion Date: 2020


2018 - At the heart of the project lies the ambitious redesign of the Eastern side of the National Museum, spanning a vast 50,000m^2. This was part of a broader vision to reconceptualize and elevate the museum's services and exhibition space. The National Museum's reimagined identity was rooted in the consolidation of myriad collections, sourced from numerous regional museums, seamlessly presenting a unified history of Saudi Arabia.

Visitors are treated to a diverse range of experiential galleries, each meticulously themed. Here, a harmonious blend of innovative and traditional exhibit methodologies trace the intricate tapestry of the "living earth". From the dawn of ancient civilizations and the birth of Islam to modern-day Saudi Arabia's esteemed role as the custodian of its sanctified sites, the museum paints a vivid chronicle.

The landscape architecture, forming the backdrop of this historical repository, enhances the museum experience. Crafted to intrigue, the park acts as a prelude to the central museum attraction. It serves as a tangible manifestation of various cultural facets - science, nature, arts, and technology. Visitors are welcomed by outdoor exhibitions, a scientifically-themed playground, and an expansive open amphitheater.

A central focus of the design strategy is the seamless connection between the museum entrance and the metro station. This is achieved through a central spine adorned with captivating artwork and interspersed with quaint shops. The landscape's planting scheme predominantly features native and adaptive flora, underscoring the project's commitment to sustainability and local identity. The design, in essence, is a celebration of Saudi Arabia's past, present, and future, all masterfully curated through the lens of landscape architecture.



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