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New Fishing Port Saadiyat Island

Client: Musanada Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates Services Provided: Urban Planning Total Site Area: 61,000 sq.m Construction Cost: US $ 45,000,000 Starting Date: 2010 Completion Date: 2011

2010 - The new Fishing Port aims to develop the infrastructure that is within this sector in a frame of sustainable development, where the design corresponds to the future infrastructure designs. The project is to be the link between Abu-Dhabi and Saadiyat Island, being a nautical social spine that presents an educational and entertainment centre on the essential economical trading history of fish and pearls along with rich fishing heritage.
Inspired by the shape ships and their movements, the bridge’s spine is covered with a design structure that emphasizes its importance and improves the quality of the space, where tourists and visitors’ can enjoy, in addition to embracing various facilities and required utilities.



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