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Nouakchott Grand Mosque

NOUAKCHOTT GRAND MOSQUE Client: Ministry of Public Works and Urban Planning Location: Nouakchott - Mauritania Services Provided: Concept Design Total Built up Area: 54,000 m² Construction Cost: 88,760,000 US $ Starting Date: November 2012 Completion Date: November 2012 Project Description: 2012 - The design of Nouakchott Grand Mosque was awarded the second prize in an architectural competition; the concept was to find an innovative architectural solution that responds to the dry desert climate of the Mauritanian desert and merges ethnic differences with the urban space, moulding a mosque that bonds the cultural, commercial and educational aspect of the area to its surroundings. The Mosque reflects the cultural fusion between the art of coastal architecture in Morocco and the culture of Mauritania, in an attempt to revive the historical values ​​and heritage through the design, the mosque includes a men’s prayer hall, a women’s prayer hall, as well as the Mo’athen and Imam residences.



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