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Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Location: Bawshar - Oman Client: Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Plot Size: 5,000 m2 Built-Up Area:17,835 m2 Starting Date: February 2017 Completion Date: March, 2017 Services Provided: Design Competition Project Description: 2017 - Modernist character - imitating nature along with tradition Preservation Omanis have been interested in building since ancient times and have been creative in the construction of buildings, markets and palaces. Local architecture, which symbolizes the heritage of Oman and its civilization, has been rooted in the roots of history. The towers are built on mountains and highlands overlooking the city to guard against enemies. The origin and expansion of the city is often linked to the presence of water, which is the main source of life, which provides the population with water and other needs before it is distributed according to the chronological distribution of agricultural holdings. The Omani city is characterized by its architectural splendor of compact houses built regularly on the foothills of the mountains and on the banks of the valleys and features balconies, windows and decorative carved doors.
Based on the above, the design approach of the project adopted the architectural language that blends modernity with the authenticity of the Omani architecture, keeping identity and introducing the elements of nature, which represent the natural and aesthetic excellence of the Omani environment in line with the Omani cities and urban communities. The movement of pedestrians and the surrounding users is programmed and channeled by special treatments to serve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project. Then served by a cluster of green graded (inner courtyard) overlooking the different spaces interspersed channel and water fountain in the ground floor, that has been emptied to allow wider and more user-friendly traffic, further enhancing the ground's connection to the building and creating an area for surface parking to serve the commercial mall and administrative offices on the upper floors. Starting from the ground floor hallway, the traditional arch element is used and recreated in a contemporary spirit to reflect the flexibility of function, age, and provide a new interpretation of the commercial center. This is a modern basis for the building of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce with its different functions, which are distributed on the upper floors of the building. Then used the vertical modular openings in the architectural facade to give the building an official character that is appropriate to the nature and privacy and then arranged at random to form a new reading of heritage merged green spaces to mimic the mountains of Oman and nature.
The design proposal seeks to create a distinctive architectural identity for the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to emphasize its importance as an official building in a modern Omani spirit.



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