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Petra Archeological Park Buffer Zone

Location: Petra Jordan Client: Petra Development Tourism Region Authority Plot Size: 290 ksq.m Starting Date: November 2012 Completion Date: December 2014 Affiliation: DAR AL OMRAN Infrastructure & Environment Services Provided: Master Planning

2012 - Petra’s Buffer Zone main purposes are to ensure the preservation and protection The Petra Archeological Park (PAP) and its surroundings as part of a holistic conservation strategy and act as an added layer of protection to the property. The special regulations suggested in the buffer zone have been made consistent with these targets.
PAP Buffer Zone planning strategy defines the main aim of the buffer zone as a protection, management and planning tool. It identifies under this definition; the site’s potentials and limitations, and classifies areas within the buffer zone are protected areas to high sensitivity where no development should be allowed. Eco-Tourism areas with activities and uses that depends on Petra’s archeological, heritage, geological, and natural assets while assuring low impact on these assets and PAP, steep areas and Waterways through slope and topographical analysis, agricultural lands, and areas close to urban settlements and activity.



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