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Royal Comission for Riyadh city

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City Location: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design + Supervision Site Area: 5,622 m² Total Built-Up Area: 16,100 m² Construction Cost: US $ 21,333,000 Starting Date: 2011 Completion Date: 2019
Project Description:

2011 - The newly constructed office building of the RCRC is located in the Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh City. The site is adjacent to the existing RCRC building and in the vicinity of the United Nations building of UN and the Ministry of Tourism. The project is considered an office Building that combines the existing building and the proposed extension and reflect the image and the aims of RCRC to the implementation between the modernity and the heritage. The aim was to reflect the identity and image of a high-profile institution and achieve an administrational function with retaining simplicity. The design principles aimed at addressing the overall urban design from by increasing connectivity with the surroundings. This includes the integration of a physical link through an urban spine that cuts through the open space at the ground floor level with the adjacent Kindi Plaza and a viewing focus from the adjacent urban context forming visual connection between the plaza and the surrounding. This was also meant to enhance the visual continuity and maintain the pedestrian access. The concept of the RCRC building also included orienting the building in respect to the Qibla direction giving emphasis the hierarchy of spaces and courtyards, thus achieving new concept for office building. These courtyard spaces act as social gathering areas for the building users as well as the public. And were designed to allow natural light penetrate the interior spaces of the building. The landscape design took in consideration the Kindi Plaza and incorporated small gardens that were located in key places within the building to create a healthy environment for the users.



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