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Royal Palace

Client: Undisclosed Location: Amman – Jordan Services Provided: Concept Design Total Built-up Area: 24,260 sq.m Total Built-up Area: 7,200 sq.m Construction Cost: US $ 10,000,000 Starting Date: 2009 Completion Date: 2018

2009 - DAR AL OMRAN provided architectural, landscape, and interior design services for this unique project. The main concept of the building stems out from respecting the original steep topography of the site, resulting in a hierarchy of leveling of various terraces mimicking water flow movement on a hill. Minimal intrusion took place in landscaping to respect the natural landscape of the site.
The design of the Castle takes after the Damascene Style, where local stone is used extensively in cladding, displaying deep reveals and recesses, chimneys and buttresses referencing to castle architecture.
Due to the high profile of the Client, special attention is given to home automation and security systems, which required a very high level of coordination between all design departments. The highly skilled and passionate Engineers at DAR AL OMRAN embraced the high level of detail and complications of this project, producing a high quality design through working together cohesively and harmoniously.



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