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SAMI Headquarters

SAMI Headquarters
Client : Saudi Arabia Military Industries (SAMI)
Service : A/E Design/ Interior design
Plot Size : N/A
Area : 11,727 in2
Cost : 50,000,000 SAR
Completion date: 2019

2019 - The objective of The Saudi Arabian Military Industries company (“SAMI”) new headquarter interior design was to reflect the identity and the image of the entity with retaining simplicity .
The design focused on presenting a distinguished design for the entrance hall with easy way-finding and accessibility among the different departments.
The use of a flexible internal partition system allows the stakeholders and decision makers to rearrange the spaces at any period of time according to their needs.
The design also incorporated the use of a high security system for the sake of controlling both outdoor and indoor access.
The engineering systems with efficiency took into consideration the consumption of energy and reducing the maintenance with easy operating methods.



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