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Saraya Aqaba Zone S

Location: Aqaba-Jordan Client: Eagle Hills Plot Size: 49,443 sq.m Built-Up Area: 229,361 sq.m Starting Date: September 2016 Services Provided: Remodeling Façade & Supervision
Year : 2016

Project Description:

2016 - one S (identified as Al-Nawras) is located within phase 2 of Sarya Aqaba Mixed Use Development and comprises of 94 no. grand townhouse spread over a total zone area of 49,443 sq.m. Each grand town house is three stories high with terraces located on 1st and 2nd floors. There are total of eleven(11) types with unit areas (inclusive terraces) ranging between 229 and 361 sq.m and private gardens with areas 77sq.m to 203 sq.m.



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