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School Construction Program


Service Provided: Architectural Design, Engineering Design, Supervision Project Status: Ongoing Location: Several Locations in Jordan Construction Cost: 47,000,000 JOD Built Up Area: 82,000 sqm

The objective of the School Construction Program is to improve learning conditions in Jordan in the field of basic education in selected areas, through the provision and adequate utilization of additional school infrastructure and the corresponding equipment. Funded by the Government of Germany, represented through BMZ, and the European Union (EU) this program’s intention is to generate 21 first century public school design model in Jordan. Funds provided were utilized to construct 18 schools distributed in different areas in the kingdom, 10 under EU program and 8 under FC. Dar Al Omran’s designs considered the essential objectives of health, environment, sustainability and safety. The design also approaches energy from a holistic perspective, addressing energy-use reduction, energy-efficient design strategies, and renewable energy sources. Dar Al Omran’s efficient design measures contribute to enhancing occupants’ thermal, visual and acoustical comfort levels providing a healthy indoor environment for learning and productivity of students and staff. The final outcome of this program not only includes the design of the required number of schools but also design guidelines for schools to be built in the future.



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