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Suheibani Residence

SUHEIBANI RESIDENCE Client: Mr. Ibrahim Suheibani Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 3,000m² Construction Cost: US $ 3,000,000 Starting Date: 1995 Design - 1999 Supervision Completion Date: 1996 Design - 2002 Supervision Project Description 1995 - Inspired by the simplicity and organic nature of Najdi architecture, this courtyard-like residence revives the ecological and cultural values of traditional architecture while providing all the services and amenities required for contemporary living. The project is characterized by arranging the various functions in courtyard type of housing, which allows maximum interaction between the inside and the outside. This building is set amidst extensive desert-type landscaping, the architectural image and interior design clearly inspired by Najdi architectural proportions and details in an innovative contemporary interpretation



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