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The Iconic Mosque


Location: Dubai -UAE Client: Emaar Plot Size: 18,504 sq.m Built-Up Area: 8,375 sq.m Starting Date: 2018 Completion Date: 2018 Services Provided: Design Competition, Architectural Design

Project Description:

2018 - The iconic mosque is located in Dubai Creek Harbour context which is considered a modern architectural style. The context uses the most updated technologies for building and construction and it is considered as a land mark. Meanwhile; the mosque shall match this context. The concept evolved from the kneeling worshiper who is covered and crowned as if by a cloud of tranquillity, peace and serenity.
The design provides two outdoor levels related to the mosque, the upper one is connected with a bridge where you reach the plaza of palms, from which you can descend using a ceremonial stair case on both sides to reach the main plaza of the mosque (Al- Sahn), which is connected to the main street by a shaded area. The main entrance leading to the site is designed to provide an interactive space, visually connected to the Observation Tower, where people can sit and enjoy the scene.
The mosque provides a Main Praying Hall which is designated for males, and a mezzanine level is designated for women, which in its turn is also visually connected to the main hall. In addition, there is a first floor hall which can be considered as the Daily Mosque and is located at the same level of the Roof, which is also connected to the men’s main praying hall.
The roof is covered by a semi open shell (with parametric Islamic pattern openings) that also provides a protective shaded area, which can be used as an open praying area if required. Additionally, the shell provides natural daylight to serve the mosque halls, and can help in getting rid of hot air at the top, replacing it with cooler air from the sides. The mosque can fit 7500 worshippers totally.
The result is a sculptural, iconic and attractive mosque in a modern context, achieving the required purpose and overall function



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