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The Justice Palace

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City Location: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design Competition, Architectural, Engineering, Landscape & Interior Design + Supervision Total Built-up Area: 44,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 60,000,000 Starting Date: 1984 Design - 1988 Supervision Completion Date: 1985 Design - 1992 Supervision Project Description: 1988 - Awarded after winning first prize in an international architectural competition, the Justice Palace or ‘Qasr Al Hokm’ is the recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (1995 cycle), and has become, since its completion, the subject of academic research and publications. The main concept of the project was to revitalize Central Riyadh by capitalizing on its historic urban and architectural heritage, and by developing the existing streets and introducing landscape plazas and pathways to connect the architectural elements together. The theme of the contemporary reinterpretation of local traditions is continued in the interior design through spatial organization, details, colors and materials. “Our participation in the Justice Palace project competition was an outcome of long research based on the analytical study of all aspects of our environment” (Badran, 1987, p.4 [English translation]




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