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The Move – North Beach Crescent

Location: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Client: Al Mutlaq Real Estate Investment
Area in sqm: 10,000 m2
Construction Cost in Dollars : 16,000,000 USD
Affiliation if any: NA
Starting Date: 2018
Completion Date: Under construction
Services Provided: A/E Design + Supervision
Market Sectors: Commercial
Project Description

In 2018, a fresh architectural concept emerged, drawing inspiration from the quaint dwellings of fishermen and the mesmerizing formations of natural coves. The award-winning architecture of the fisherman’s cove echoes the clustering seen in traditional residences. These structures create an enclosure around the water, simulating the mesmerizing effect of a natural cove.

Moreover, the grid layout applied to the design gives a nod to the industrial fabric characterizing the city of Jubail, harmoniously blending the industrial and commercial aspects of the design. The evolved enclosure not only maximizes the existing vantage points but also pioneers new ones. By integrating walkways and terraces across varied levels and elevations, the design reimagines the site's connection to the water.



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