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Turath Hotel & Residences

Location: Dubai – UAE Client: Dubai Cultural Village Plot Size: 19,700 sq.m Built-Up Area: 32,800 sq.m Construction Cost: 127,355,000 USD Starting Date: 2014 Completion Date: 2014 Services Provided: Design Competition, Urban & Architectural Design

Project Description:

2014 - This project involved a competition to provide initial concept design for a 5 star hotel and serviced apartment, on plot P1-B01 located within phase 1 master plan of the culture village project.
The project consists of 3 main parts the hotel space, the served apartments space and the F&B space , in addition a shared facilities space that serves these parts , managerial offices, car parking, GYM.
The philosophy of the project is derived from the idea of creating a design that stems out from the deep values of Dubai local architecture that evolved through a rich history of successive eras and finally inspired strongly by Islamic values. In the attempt of creating an authentic traditional architecture rather than only copying its image, the main idea of the design is to revive the authentic experience of the old city for the site visitor and accommodator. This was done through replicating a trace of an old city urban context and placing it over the site as continuation of the site surrounding context shift. Projecting old city urban grid on plot geometry and limits, resulted in defining masses outlines and setting project basic lines, pathways and axes. This sequential project evolvement sponsored in the creation of an authentic solid void balance similar to what we have in the old city with its intimate and human environment, subconsciously connecting the visitor with old city experience. Path ways which are defined between the buildings masses, are also Extended as traces at the water area between the two fingers of site forming a dancing fountains at day time and taking the form of lines of lights at night continuously connecting the visitor with the project basic concept continuously



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