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Wadi Safar Experience Center wins the MEED | Middle East Economic Digest award for Innovative Design

A Testament to the elegance of najdi architecture!

We are delighted to unveil our latest architectural masterpiece: the Wadi Safar Experience Center, a stunning creation nestled within an expansive 8,000-square-meter desert oasis.
The Project has recently won the MEED | Middle East Economic Digest award for its innovative design. Balancing natural views with luxury, the Center harnesses the charm of Najdi architecture and adds a modern twist.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to the opulent aesthetics of Najdi Architecture. This space transcends conventional design norms, offering a captivating journey through the annals of time and the ever-changing seasons, all within the span of a single hour.
The Wadi Safar Experience Center represents the pinnacle of our entire development project, offering an exclusive glimpse into the future of Wadi Safar. With sweeping vistas that encompass a signature golf course, a distinguished equestrian and polo club, and luxurious hotels, this is not merely a visit – it is an immersive voyage.

Our collaboration with our esteemed client, The Diriyah Company, has been instrumental in bringing this visionary project to life. Together, we have redefined the art of place-making, fashioning an exploration that seamlessly melds tradition with contemporary sensibilities.
Central to our design narrative is the translation of Najdi architecture into a contemporary context while remaining deeply rooted in identity, beauty, and functionality. We have taken inspiration from the rich heritage of Najdi architecture, infusing it with a modern touch that pays homage to the region's cultural identity.

The result is a space that marries the time-honored principles of Najdi architecture with the demands of modern living. Every line, every curve, and every detail of the Wadi Safar Experience Center is a testament to the enduring beauty of this architectural tradition.
Beyond its aesthetic splendor, the center's design prioritizes functionality. Spaces are thoughtfully organized to optimize flow and usability, ensuring that every visitor's experience is both seamless and enchanting.

The Experience Center is a 1,000-square-meter building within an 8,000-square-meter green core area. It is poised to be the showcase of the entire development project, with a focus on place-making and ultra-luxury. Moreover, it provides an exquisite view of the signature golf course, an esteemed equestrian and polo club, and opulent hotels.

We envision the Experience Center as a place where visitors explore beyond the boundaries of time and space. Here, one can witness different times of the day and seasons of the year, and experience various facets of the future development of Wadi Safar, all under one roof, during a single one-hour visit.

The Wadi Safar Experience Center is not just a structure; it is a living embodiment of our commitment to preserving heritage, embracing contemporary design, and offering a truly exceptional experience to all who step through its doors. It is a tribute to the elegant fusion of past and present, an ode to the desert's timeless beauty, and a celebration of the culture it represents.


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