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Al Ain Museum

Al-Ain Museum Client: The Municipality and Town Planning Dept. Location: Al-Ain- United Arab Emirates Services Provided: Design Competition Total Built-up Area: 24,300 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 31,500,000 Starting Date: 1999 Completion Date: 1999 Project Description: 1999 - The design of the international architectural competition of Al-Ain Museum emerged from surroundings of the site where the new museum is adjacent to an ancient castle located within a garden like setting. The architectural formation adopted the creation of an architectural composition that forms an urban environment highlighting the architectural heritage of the site and integrating it through the architectural configuration of the site, and connecting them through the visual and physical axis through the gardens. The architectural design of the building was performed in a simple yet innovative manner, using stone cladding to differentiate it from the traditional Fort with its mud wall appearance, while respecting the heights of these walls to avoid competition with the main buildings, and the various exhibition and functional elements were designed to be descended eight meters below the building.



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