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Damac Diriyah Gate

Damac – Ajmakan land – Diriyyah Gate:

Client: Damac Properties Co
Location: Riyadh - Diriyah- Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: Archtecture / Interior Concept design and Masterplan
Total Built-up Area (m2): 2.8 M sqm Plot area
Construction Cost: unknown
Starting Date: 2020
Completion Date: 2020
Project Description:
2020 - Commissioned by the client, DAO was tasked with offering an architectural visualization for a significant plot of land, approximately 2.8 M sq.m, designated for residential development in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, specifically located at Diryyah Gate. An essential element of this project was to comprehensively study and understand the land's integration into the overarching master plan. The directive emphasized crafting a concept design deeply rooted from Najdi/inspired aesthetics, harmonizing with the Salmani architectural style. This approach, deeply rooted from the Najdi tradition, is notable for its rich values, foundational principles, and precise guidelines.



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