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Danac Diriyah Gate

Damac – Ajmakan land – Diriyyah Gate:

Client: Damac Properties Co
Location: Riyadh - Diriyah- Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: Archtecture / Interior Concept design and Masterplan
Total Built-up Area (m2): 2.8 M sqm Plot area
Construction Cost: unknown
Starting Date: 2020
Completion Date: 2020
Project Description:
2020 - The Client assigned DAO to provide a concept vision for approximately 2.8 M sq.m land assigned for residential use in Riyad-Saudi Arabia at Diryyah Gate. This incorporated the studying of the integration of the assigned land within the proposed over all master plan and provide a concept design for selected number of porotype as per the Salmani Architecture style with its values, principles and guidelines.



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