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Royal Commission for Riyadh city (RCRC)

Royal Commission for Riyadh city Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City Location: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design + Supervision Site Area: 5,622 m² Total Built-Up Area: 16,100 m² Construction Cost: US $ 21,333,000 Starting Date: 2011 Completion Date: 2019

Project Description:

2011 - Located in the prestigious Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh City, the newly constructed office complex of the RCRC stands adjacent to its predecessor and finds esteemed neighbors in the United Nations building and the Ministry of Tourism. This project serves as a nexus, melding the original RCRC building with its modern extension, and in doing so, manifests the organization’s aspirations of uniting heritage with the forefront of modern architecture.

A testament to Salmani architecture, the design not only showcases the stature of a prominent institution but also prioritizes functionality whilst embracing understated elegance. The design’s core intention is to weave the building seamlessly into its urban environment. By introducing an urban spine that transects the open ground space, it forges a tangible connection with the neighboring Kindi Plaza, ensuring both visual coherence and pedestrian accessibility.

More than just an office structure, the RCRC building is an emblem of thoughtful architectural design. The alignment respecting the Qibla direction underscores the hierarchy of its spaces and courtyards, leading to the conception of a unique office environment. These courtyards are envisioned as communal hubs for employees and visitors alike. Simultaneously, they are crafted to usher natural light into the very heart of the building, making the interiors glow with luminance.

Moreover, the project's embrace of sustainable architecture is evident in its landscape design. Echoing the aesthetics of Kindi Plaza. The RCRC building is undeniably an architectural symphony that harmonizes the past with the present, tradition with innovation.



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