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Diriyyah Master Plan

Client: DGDA
Services Provided: Master planning
Project Status: 2019
Location: Dirriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Construction Cost: NA
Starting date: 2017
Completion date: 2017
Area: 6

Project Description:

2017 - The site sits on the edge of the arid urban area of Riyadh, where the city meets wadi Hanifah and its spectacular landscapes. It includes at Al Turaif UNESCO heritage site and al Bujairi destination, which receive large numbers of visitors.

Preserving the Identity of the place required a delicate and holistic approaches. With the presence of wadi Hanifa, the views of historic structures, walls, wells, and towers, proximity to at Turaif, the unique weather which is relatively seven degrees less than the city, the variant terraform, the ease and frequency of access points, and proximity to city, the site holds great opportunities.
The site lies between two neighborhoods of different layouts, AL Dirriyah and Al Khuzama. Al Dirriyah is the product of many processes over time, which resulted in an extremely organic form. On the other hand, Al khuzama’s master plan has been recently drawn with orthogonal structure and almost equal block sizes. To create a context-aware site development, the aim was integrating the masterplan with the surrounding a hybrid/transitional manner. The proposed tissue is a rationally organic one. This will keep room for imagination lingers memory formation while it is highly function and safe.



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